Somebody Has To Say It…

August 4, 2008

The President of Black America

“I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the Black President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend Black people, Black issues, and possibly the Constitution of the United States, except when it runs counter to what Black people want.”

My, my, my…what a concept. All this time, I thought Senator Obama was running for president of the entire United States, but apparently I was dead wrong. According to this bunch, the good Senator is spending too much time talking about national and world issues, and not aiming enough of his rhetoric at our issues. To his credit, Senator Obama did not do what probably needed to be done– namely, have the Secret Service and a few select bodyguards take these knuckleheads outside and slap them up and down the sidewalk for one or two or maybe ten hours. No, he told them quite politely and calmly that they would have a chance to ask questions at the end, then gave them that chance. He then answered their questions, pointing out to them, overtly, that he had addressed every issue they brought up and, a bit more sublimely, letting them know that it’s okay to pick up a newspaper and actually read every now and then.

Now here’s the peculiar part: Apparently these budding activists, who claim to be members of the socialist “International African Revolution,” appeared on WAOK in Atlanta this past Friday (thanks to my sister, Miranda, for the info) and proclaimed that they “do not participate in the political process.” So why were you standing there cuttin’ the fool and hollering out during the townhall?  Just had to be seen, didn’t you? And whatever happened to home training?

Sadly, in spite of all the problems facing this country, too many Black people are just like this group, having bought into the notion that every politician of color must either be consumed with all things Black or admit he/she is a Republican (translation: Uncle Tom). That’s it. No gray area here. Echoing President Bush’s famous words, “You’re either with us or against us,” and for Black Americans, that means ignoring bigger issues except where they pertain to or affect Black Americans. For some, the election of Obama to POTUS can only mean bazillions of dollars suddenly being redirected into the waiting pockets of the Black community. The FBI’s primary (only?) focus will be White folks who commit crimes against Black folks. The Justice Department will personally take over every black homeowner’s mortgage and pay the note for them– forever. Reparations for slavery will not only be doled out with a quickness, but the IRS will suspend all other operations just so Black people can get that money that’s clearly been owed since 1865. It will be the end of racism, discrimination, and Black unemployment– all because the “Black President of the United States” will mobilize every asset at his disposal to fix those things that have been “keeping us down for too long, holding us back for too long, depriving us of our slice of the American dream for too long!” I can just hear the “Amens.”

Really, are we that freakin’ shallow? No, must of us aren’t, but the few that are don’t have the common decency to just shut up and be ignorant in silence.  Come on, Black people– grow up.


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