Somebody Has To Say It…

August 26, 2008

I’d Hate To See What a Real Threat Looks Like

According to the FBI, the three men arrested in Denver were determined to not be credible threats to Barack Obama.

You’re kidding, right? Let’s see… We have three White men, at least one, maybe two, with a swastika ring and probable ties to White supremacist organizations; one is driving a rented truck but it’s not in his name; he has two high-powered rifles, a scope, plenty of ammunition, a bullet-proof vest, three fake ID’s, two wigs, and walkie talkies; and all three men claim, to authorities and local television, that their plan was to shoot Obama as he made his acceptance speech — OUTDOORS — at Invesco Field and that they were looking for a high platform as a good vantage point. Oh, and they are also being investigated for shooting at a couple of federal buildings earlier this month.

Nope, not a credible threat according to the U.S. Attorney. In fact, he just dismissed them all as “meth heads.” Translation: Just some good old boys havin’ a little fun.

You know…maybe they don’t want us to get all panicky and paranoid, and since they lucked up and caught these characters because of erratic driving, they figure all’s well that ends well.

Then again, maybe they’re full of it. And they really think we’re that damn stupid.

Mr. Obama, the silly season has just ended.  We all thank God that it wasn’t with a bang.


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