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“White Wine, Please” — Introducing My Music

Although I have a YouTube page which can be found here, I’m really not too hyped about putting my music in video form (takes too long and really serves no purpose). So, I’ve decided to create a page here where I will upload my original stuff from time to time. Unless I’m able to upload a virtual player though, I’m looking to move to my own website soon.

I’m pretty much a self-taught musician (although I did play trumpet for years in my high school band), but my influences have always been jazz and gospel. Probably my greatest vocal influences have been Sam Cooke, Luther Vandross, Will Downing, and Anita Baker. At this point in my life, I really create music for my own enjoyment, but the internet has allowed me to get some more far-reaching feedback, so who knows what might happen?

Anyway, the first two pieces I’m uploading are an instrumental entitled “Uh Oh” and a vocal groove I call “Empty.” I hope you enjoy them, and in any event, please feel free to comment.

Oh, several years ago (during my Navy days) we were visiting a place called Soudha Bay, Crete. There was one club where everyone Black went (those who were stationed at the little American Navy base there and those who were visiting, like me).For about three months, we pulled into Soudha Bay once or twice a month, usually staying for a couple of days at a time. It was late winter, so I would wear this olive trenchcoat and Fedora whenever I left the ship. I was the Officer-in-Charge on my ship, and the bartender started calling me “Boss.” When I would walk in the club, he would take my coat and hat and ask what I was drinking. A couple of my sailors heard me reply “White Wine, Please” a couple of times, and from that point on it became a part of my “persona.”

See, I’m cool like that. I still think Ebony should have had me on the cover. Just sayin’… 🙂

(Instead of clicking on the song title, hold the cursor over it, and “Snapshot” should pop up. You can play the song from there without waiting on it to load on another page)





All music © 2008 by Robert Rice, Jr.


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